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Delivering exceptional elite talent and helping you with your talent strategy. From design to hiring.

Being a strategic recruitment partner

Assurance & Adaptability

At SUNODOS, we take a detailed approach to every project, based on our “AAA” brand promises. 
When SUNODOS is scaling your GTM team, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Pre-Sales, and Leadership, your organization will thrive. In any SaaS and Cloud niche
We take a personalized approach to the recruitment strategy for each client we work with, adapting to their dynamics to get them an advantage over the competition.
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World-Class Services

Relentless Pursuit To Perfection
Whether you’re looking to fill a VP of Customer Success or individual contributor Sales role, we give you access to carefully selected specialists in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Sweden.
Quickly we can find you, candidates, with the mindset and know-how to scale your business to the next level – and beyond.

In order to get the outcomes you need, you require the right solutions that attract the right people, skills, and culture to your organization. 

Scaling your GTM team relentlessly also requires similar resources. We are prepared for it.

Hard-to-fill specialist & Executive management positions

proven and adaptable formulas to find the best talent to scale your business. Any time, anywhere. 

to foster accelerated growth for all clients

How we price our recruitment solutions

Accelerate your search for top talent

In order to get the outcomes you need, you require the right solutions that drive the right people, skills, culture and to your organization. Acquiring the right role also requires the same resources.

Simpelst way to be connected with top GTM talent without any commitment or when there is no urgency to fill in positions. Pay after you hire. 
We work closely with our clients to ensure that even the hardest to fill and most urgent vacancies are occupied with the best available candidates on the market. Part of the recruitment fee is paid upfront to have our full commitment to close positions within specific deadlines. 
Our specialty. Estalishing partnerships with longstanding clients who share our values for long-term growth and development. We have various options for your needs. TaaS, RaaS, RPOs or Land & expand within specific regions. Pricing upon request. 


Being a strategic advisor to reduce ramping period

Saving time-to-hire with evaluated Go-To-Market talent

Sharing up to date competitive market intelligence

Having an active network of Go-To-Market talent

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World-Class Services

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Highly Trusted By Leading SaaS & Cloud Organizations

Highly Trusted By Leading SaaS & Cloud Organizations

Clients Love Sunodos. Here’s Why:

“Great hiring partner on though markets”


“Huge asset with building out our team”


“Perfect recruitment partner if you have an aggressive hiring plan”


“Persistent, to understand the requirements”

The Process


After our discovery call, we have a clear understanding about your scaling and recruitment challenges. Whether it is building a whole team, changing the team dynamics with a specific hire or any other recruitment objective that we discovered. We will consult you with the best solution.


We extend our network daily with the best GTM talent. Market intelligence, understanding candidates’ mindset and drivers in their language ensures that we preselect the right candidates to save you time to hire.


Our data-driven recruitment methodology guarantees that you can shortcut lengthy interview processes and let you have back that vital time necessary to scale your business. You just speak with the top 3 candidates that we shortlist together.


Meeting outstanding candidates doesn’t mean that they will choose you or your company. Our triple A-approach is at its best here where we can confirm that all ambitions are aligned.


During and after the interview process, we can verify if the match is great or astonishing. Due to post-covid hybrid working environments, it is complicated to match candidate’s drivers with your company culture. We will help you with that.


After the candidate signs the contract, we keep a finger on the pulse until the starting date. We will happily share any information that can help the candidate to ramp faster and help you to achieve your objectives sooner.