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Core purpose 

In February 2021, we launched SUNODOS Recruitment, working as a strategic recruitment partner for scalable businesses and skilled professionals with hands-on experience. Our team of experts specializes in scaling market-leading GTM teams for SaaS and Cloud tech companies operating in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.
It’s our mission to accelerate global digital adoption while focusing on the GTM team by building a robust and continuous partnership. Because of our interest in cloud tech and passion for working with people, we’re confident that we can help your organization on its exciting journey, enabling you to focus more on scaling as we handle the tedious recruitment process for you.


Cultural values, based on Assurance and Adaptability.

We keep people centered. With the people that work with us, these are the facets we’ve found they have in common. We embrace diversity, encouraging individuality and talent – not titles or positions.

love to explore new things, constantly extend network, understand new trends, working with the latest tech.

love to seek solutions, navigate through complexities, figure things out independently, anti “one-trick-pony”, always driven to become better.

Accountable, competent, and reliable among clients, colleagues, and candidates. Knows how to keep people-centered and enjoys taking a leadership role in times of stress.

Believes in synergy, collaborating togethering for superior better results, enjoys sharing knowledge to make people better, and believes in mutual partnerships where everyone wins.

The Position Vault

Our current job openings include:

Managing Consultant

Ready to lead and build a superior team? Read more!

Senior Recruiter

For the ones who want to challenge their skills and experiences. Read more!

Recruitment Consultant

Open positions for 180 and 260 degree recruitment consultants.

Junior/ Starter

Start your recruitment career with solid Learning & Development.


Explore and broaden your marketing or sales skills.

The SUNODOS Advantage

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