In ancient Greek, Sunodos (σύνοδος) translates to “meeting people with the same ambitions”. Today, we are Bringing Ambitious People Together.

Who are we

Tech, GTM and People Are Our Passion
Since the beginning, we have been helping SaaS & Cloud organizations and top-tier candidates meeting with each other, become empowered, and grow together.
Because of our interest in Cloud tech and passion for working with people, we’re confident that we can help your organization on its exciting journey, enabling you to focus more on scaling as we handle the tedious recruitment process for you.
Since 1-2-’21, we have done just that, successfully recruiting hundreds of SaaS sales, customers success, and marketing professionals.
It’s what we do best. It’s our bread and butter.
About us


COre purpose
It’s our mission to accelerate global digital adoption by scaling Cloud and SaaS tech companies by building a robust and continuous partnership.

Behind the scenes, we are always looking for new ways to facilitate more effective partnerships, and deliver superior results for our clients. 


GTM Positions

Sales - Customer Success - Marketing - Pre-sales


FinTech - Data management & analytics - ERP - MarTech- HR Tech - Collaboration & Productivity


Industry 4.0 - IaaS - PaaS - MSP/ SI

We Are Here, For You

Success With our AAA-brand promises

Your success is our success. Across every project and milestone, our A3 brand promises ensure you have all the necessary elements available to win.


  • We bring the ambitions of our clients and candidates together to create synergy and establish long-term relationships. Combining our passion and people, we are able to achieve industry-leading results.


  • Every recruitment strategy is individualized and tailored to each client and candidate. From first-touch point to securing your ideal candidate or job, we’re always adapting to the dynamic and competitive ecosystem to give you the competitive advantage.

AAtypical Delivery

  • We use cutting-edge methodologies to bring people together, providing full transparency about candidate details and job opportunities, all based on heavy pre-screening and careful selection. By adopting a more unique approach, you have exclusive access to the very best within SaaS and Cloud-tech.

Meet Our Team

Passion, Professionalism, Performance
Within an organization with killer results lies a team of passionate individuals, each with their own unique story and background that create Sunodos what it is today.
Our people is what drives us, and our clients as well as candidates continually inspire us with each passing day.
Are you considering to join us?
We are constantly hiring across the board and we look at the individual, not positions. Check our company culture and jobs via the button next!

William Lanser

William was always inspired by digital technology and how it can improve human lives. During his Bachelor study, he started in B2C sales by selling consumer electronics.

He quickly found new inspiration in sales books that made him improve his sales skills significantly in combination with his interest in technology.

After his studies he became a recruiter specializing in sales professionals in the Dutch media specialization from media to marketing before ending up in SaaS.

In 2020 he decided to quit his job and start a new adventure as an entrepreneur to work in his sweet spot. Sales and cloud technology!

Indry Lanser

Indry has lived most of her life in Indonesia and worked in different industries, from oil & gas, legal to architectural design. In all her positions, she was always involved with people.

She gets energized by helping colleagues, clients and partners while excelling in her job.

Following her husband to the Netherlands and after a couple of years settling down, she is helping SUNODOS to the next level

Ananta Wibisono

Ananta was always interested in technology. His father being a software developer, he has been surrounded by technology ever since he was young.

As a result of his interest he’s currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in artificial intelligence at the University of Amsterdam.

In order to gain more business experience, he took the chance to join SUNODOS and the rest is history.

Aysu Koca

Developed her knowledge and expertise while doing an economic and cultural analysis of the globally influential BRIC Countries for her Masters’s degree.

She conducted this analysis within the borders of one of these BRIC countries herself as she’s stayed a semester abroad in Brazil, communicating and working with a lot of new people and gathering up knowledge of different cultures, and polishing her networking skills in the process.

Right now she’s using her networking and language skills, primarily German, to help create a wide network of partners for SUNODOS, focusing on the DACH market.