William Lanser: A SUNODOS Story

We were able to catch up with William Lanser, the founder, and CEO of SUNODOS recruitment, and were excited to get some insight into what led him to launch his own company. 

Interviewer: To start, why don’t you tell us about the early days of SUNODOS? The change to entrepreneurship is always a rocky start. 

William: The early days? If I were to describe them in a word, it would be uncertain.  

Becoming an Entrepreneur had always been an ambition of mine. The decision to finally take the plunge and start my own company was one I had sat on for months. The moment itself is quite fun actually. Here it was, my exciting road to success had officially started. 

Then reality hit.  

It was hard to believe the constant pipeline of things you had to handle. The decision on which area to specialize in was hard, as so many parts of tech, sales, marketing, and more interested me. That actually led to a soft launch of what would eventually become SUNODOS, before we zeroed in on empowering GTM teams.  

Eventually, we officially launched on February 2021. Even then, it was a complete rehaul of how we had done things in the earlier launches. Everything from our CRM system to how we ran qualifications was workshopped again and again. It was one step forward, three steps back.  

Eventually, you learn to love the unknown and enjoy the progress that comes with experimenting. 

Interviewer: Passion seems to be the defining difference for Businesses. What can you tell us of your passions and how they brought you here? 

William: One big passion behind my actions is people. I love the human nature of our work, getting to know what they want and what they are looking for.  

You know, growing up, I was always traveling with my family. The people, the cultures, the ideas, all of it was incredible to learn about, so I’m sure that’s a driver towards why I love the work I do with SUNODOS. 

Another big driver was my love of problem-solving. That’s all business is, when you really broke it down. Whenever we were traveling, I would love to ask for the stories behind every billboard, poster, commercial and more. They were all signs that that company had the answer to their client’s problems. I wanted to be a part of that world. 

All in all, I’d say that the road I’m down happened very organically, with all those factors playing a part. Beyond that, my time in the army also served as a good builder of discipline, so I would say I had a lot of the right pieces in the right places. I just needed the direction. 

My natural love of tech and people saw me get a role in customer service and sales at MediaMarkt. My competitive nature made me want to grow my skills quickly. 

 It was here that I would meet a game changer in the form of Tom Hopkin’s “How to Master the art of Selling”. It showed me how to elevate my skills from an entry-level phone subscription role to one as a recruitment specialist in tech sales. 

 Following my success in that role, I wanted to go out on my own. 

Interviewer: Can you just outline some of the more specific obstacles that have maybe surprised you in your journey of growing and shaping SUNODOS? 

William: LEARNING. In one word, the biggest obstacle was learning.  

The sheer amount of knowledge and skill diversity needed to be an Entrepreneur didn’t really leave me a lot of time to do much else. The uncertainty was hard to manage some days and leaving a job that I was performing well in only made it more of a mental challenge. 

It also happened at a time when my personal life was thriving you know? My family had grown and I wanted every chance I had to be a part of their lives as I could.  

The balance of priorities there was a really tricky part of it, as both need time and effort and late nights. I knew that the control over my life as my own business owner would give me what I wanted, but I will tell you we have come far and have further still to go. 

Interviewer: That’s amazing, and from just talking to you, we are sure there have been some highlights from the whole endeavor. Tell us, what achievements of SUNODOS are you most proud of thus far? 

William: Well truthfully, the whole experience has been filled with highlights, just by the fact it allows me to focus on what I love. 

 I love the chance to talk to people, and that has led to me having the chance to get mentors who can guide and instruct, colleagues with similar ambitions, and even those who want to learn under my wing. A major highlight is seeing how my dream can elevate others, and that is a really amazing thing to be involved in. 

Beyond that, I also love the generational aspect of what I do. I want to leave my kids with a similar example that my father instilled in me. I love knowing that their father is a self-made man who won out by investing in himself. The ability to think for themselves and make life-improving decisions is definitely a big thing I want to represent in their lives with SUNODOS. 

Interviewer: Well, we can’t wait to see more. So just before we sign off, what can we expect next from you and SUNODOS, looking to the future? 

William: Haha now we can’t go into too much depth there. There are still a lot of things on the SUNODOS horizon that we are looking, at in terms of general growth and specializations that we want to focus on. But SUNODOS is more focused on its mission of getting top GTM teams into top condition by providing the best caliber candidates available.  


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