Top 5 free job boards in the Netherlands

What are the top 5 free job boards to use in the Netherlands?

As you may know, the best way to get candidates that are a custom fit for your open job position is to use recruitment firms. Especially to use the services of recruitment firms that focus on searching for candidates in the industry you are trying to recruit for. We provide those services for the SaaS industry . However, there is no reason to post vacancies to job boards too.

While it is true that the job seekers who react to your vacancy might not always be the right fit for your job. A lot of job boards are very cheap or even free to post. You’re trying your best to fill in that open job position, every little bit helps, so why not use the free service they offer? 

We’ve done research on those job boards and in this blog, and we’ll list the cheapest but most productive job boards you can use to gather candidates. You might even find your future colleague using these! 

Top 5 free job boards in the Netherlands

1. Indeed

Indeed is the market leader amongst the job boards in the Netherlands. Next to having an enormous job-seeking population, it’s entirely free to post vacancies. (Possible to do targeted ads with a CPV model)

2. is a pleasant job board. Besides functioning as a free-to-post job-board, it offers a CV search as well. This means that you can find your custom fit candidate given you have enough time or you have a team to filter through. One additional service they provide that makes them stand out from other job boards is that they can scrape your career portal and automatically post vacancies for you.  

3. Linkedin is an internationally well-renowned platform that offers a job board as well. Although it’s not free to post on this job board, it’s still worth it to post your vacancies on here. You can keep your posting cheap by controlling your budget in their pay-per-click-based model.  

You should post on Linkedin if you’re looking for a mid to highly educated candidate. Job seekers on Linkedin are primarily white-collar workers that have had higher education. 

4. Jooble

Jooble is an international job board that displays ads from thousands of job boards. It’s the most visited job board after Indeed and just like Indeed it’s free-to-post.

5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is yet another well-known job board. Besides offering a free job board functionality, you’re also able to review companies on this website. This combination of services results in a massive userbase of around 2 million people. 

Glassdoor is furthermore partners with Indeed. This means that they’ve combined some of their functions. One of these functions that they’ve combined is combined posting. Meaning that when you post on Indeed, you post on Glassdoor automatically as well. 


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