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William was always inspired by digital technology and how it can improve human lives. During his Bachelor study, he started in B2C sales by selling consumer electronics. He quickly found new inspiration in sales books that made him improve his sales skills significantly in combination with his interest in technology.

After his studies he became a recruiter specializing in sales professionals in the Dutch media industry. William changed his specialization from media to marketing before ending up in SaaS. in 2020 he decided to quit his job and start a new adventure as an entrepreneur to work in his sweet spot. Sales and cloud technology!


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Meet the Team

Indry has lived most of her life in Indonesia and worked in different industries, from oil & gas, legal to architectural design.

In all her positions, she was always involved with people. She gets energized by helping colleagues, clients and partners while excelling in her job.

Following her husband to the Netherlands and after a couple of years settling down, she is helping SUNODOS to the next level

Ananta was always interested in technology. His father being a software developer, he has been surrounded by technology ever since he was young.

Having gotten his high school diploma, he’s now awaiting the start of his bachelor’s artificial intelligence at the University of Amsterdam.

In order to gain more business experience, he took the chance to join SUNODOS and the rest is history.

Owen has a passion for people. He started his sales career in direct door-to-door sales and went on in other sales fields.

Outside of closing deals, he likes listening to podcasts and audiobooks. He teaches kickboxing and enjoys spending time with his dog, which is called Diablo but only sometimes represents his name.

Now he is in a fast-paced market giving businesses the best human capital out there.

Anna has recently graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a Business Administration Bachelor’s degree.

Coming all the way from Ukraine she is very proud of her cultural heritage and her experiences in the UK.

She is very energetic, passionate, and creative member of our team.

Experienced in Retail, Hospitality and Recruitment industries, she speaks Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Waldie was always inspired by both marketing and communication, and how it can improve business performance.

During his bachelor’s marketing thesis, he noticed that he enjoys the communication aspect of marketing and sales. After completing his bachelor’s studies he wanted to challenge himself.

Now he wants to service clients and candidates on an accommodating and high level.

Mark started in 1991 as a dental student in Amsterdam. As life as a student is expensive, he started working part time for the Marriott. After a while, realizing that dentistry was not his cup of tea, he grew into full-time functions with more responsibilities.

Unfortunately, the COVID crisis had a huge impact on the hospitality business and he started thinking of leaving it altogether.

He joined SUNODOS to become a Cloud specialist helping innovative tech companies within EMEA.

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