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William was always inspired by digital technology and how it can improve human lives. During his Bachelor study, he started in B2C sales by selling consumer electronics. He quickly found new inspiration in sales books that made him improve his sales skills significantly in combination with his interest in technology.

After his studies he became a recruiter specializing in sales professionals in the Dutch media industry. William changed his specialization from media to marketing before ending up in SaaS. in 2020 he decided to quit his job and start a new adventure as an entrepreneur to work in his sweet spot. Sales and cloud technology!


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Meet the Team

Indry has lived most of her life in Indonesia and worked in different industries, from oil & gas, legal to architectural design.

In all her positions, she was always involved with people. She gets energized by helping colleagues, clients and partners while excelling in her job.

Following her husband to the Netherlands and after a couple of years settling down, she is helping SUNODOS to the next level


Ananta was always interested in technology. His father being a software developer, he has been surrounded by technology ever since he was young.

As a result of his interest he’s currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in artificial intelligence at the University of Amsterdam.

In order to gain more business experience, he took the chance to join SUNODOS and the rest is history.

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Ralph Winter always had a great passion for digital media, video marketing, and branding. In all his pursuits and interests, people were always at the center. Whether it’s planning, producing a photo/Video shoot, or finding and connecting the right people to challenging projects.

While working as a video producer, producing big projects, and leading the cast and crew, he naturally discovered that he loved to be a part of fulfilling people’s dreams and ambitions. That inspired him to specialize in that and become a full-fledged recruitment consultant at SUNODOS.


Aysu Koca developed her knowledge and expertise while doing an economic and cultural analysis of the globally influential BRIC Countries for her Masters’s degree. She conducted this analysis within the borders of one of these BRIC countries herself as she’s stayed a semester abroad in Brazil, communicating and working with a lot of new people and gathering up knowledge of different cultures, and polishing her networking skills in the process.

Right now she’s using her networking and language skills, primarily German, to help create a wide network of partners for SUNODOS, focusing on the DACH market.

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Rutger van der Zee “People are not your most important asset. The right people are” is one of the most iconic quotes of Jim Collins. As a recruitment consultant for SUNODOS and having one year of experience in cloud sales and marketing, he has had the opportunity to verify this quote with his own eyes. 

Having seen the importance of having the right people for your business, he combined his energy, learning integrity, and passion for technology to find the people that are the perfect fit for your company’s culture and needs. Seeing a company grow due to his own contribution has been very rewarding for him

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