This is how we scale your business

SSUNODOS is your strategic partner in finding top Go-To-Market talent to scale your business.

We help ambitious cloud tech companies solving their scaling obstacles by filling in various sales & marketing vacancies.

Our services can be performed in various European cities including Amsterdam, Brussel, Berlin and Stockholm.

Our strategic recruitment services

Executive & Specialists: hard-to-fill or management positions

Partnerships: long-term supporting company growth

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): aggressive scaling

Recruitment-as-a-Service: temporary recruitment support

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Triple-A Approach

At SUNODOS we also promise to follow our "Triple-A" approach for every project



We bring the ambitions of our clients and candidates together to create synergy and establish long-term relationships. We combine results with our passion for business and people.



We never follow the same recruitment strategy for all our clients. Instead, we adapt to their dynamic and competitive ecosystem to create that competitive advantage!


Atypical Delivery

We choose the most appropriate methods to bring people together and always give worthy details about candidates or job opportunities because of our strong interest in cloud-tech, business and people.

SUNODOS recognizes unique Go-To-Market talent and helps cloud-tech companies to build complete Go-To-Market teams while reducing risks and time to hire.

We deliver valuable benefits including:

Being a strategic advisor to reduce ramping period

Understanding language, mindset and drivers of Go-To-Market Talent

Saving time-to-hire with evaluated Go-To-Market talent

Sharing up to date competitive market intelligence

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Having an active network of Go-To-Market talent