Navigating the World of Software Sales

Digitalization has led to huge leaps in productivity, time management, and general business operations. Companies everywhere are using SaaS (software as a service) when expanding due to the possibilities it offers for managing and sustaining growth.  However, not every SaaS provider suits a company’s needs.  

Businesses are connected with the perfect software solution through Software Sales.  

Like the idea of matching businesses with the perfect software?  

Then a career in Software Sales might be for you. If you want to know what it takes to succeed in this field, this article is a great starting point to learn about what software sales look like. 

What exactly are Software Sales? 

Software sales professionals help clients achieve business goals by providing tech/software.  

Responsibilities in Software Sales include: 

  • Discussing the software’s ability to fix client’s issues or obstacles to achieve their business objectives 
  • Scheduling demonstrations  
  • Acting as the bridge between the client and the software developers 
  • Maintaining client relationships to monitor software performance 

What roles are held in Software Sales? 

There are several roles available in this field 

Sales Development Rep: A junior sales role, SDRs provide support functions to sales. They reach out to prospects, the target being to create leads for new clients. As the first contact for clients, they introduce prospects to sales executives who are more able to explore their business needs and tech solutions.  

Account Executive: AEs work on a list of accounts that have been screened thoroughly. They aim to discuss tech solutions and conduct research on the client’s profile to create a deep understanding of their needs. Following building these connections, AE’s have new accounts to work on each quarter. 

Sales Manager: The position overlooks a specific region. Because of how large that region might e, this role is not mobile and operates from one specific location. They create situations e.g networking events to engage with clients and customers alike. 

Sales Engineer: This role is mainly focused on selling platforms that are complex to operate. They provide support, helping clients integrate these tools following an official decision. Highly qualified, they work to make these platforms work in the client’s own work setting. 

What Kind of Person works in Software Sales? 

Sales are a tricky business, software or otherwise. A good way to see if you match the job is to know what kind of person is successful in the field. The best salesmen often have: 

  • Persistence: Making a sale means understanding the client’s pain. To do this, the best reps ask never-ending questions. “Why is this a priority?” “What triggered the need for the software?” “What about your current software made you seek an alternative?”. The better you understand your client’s true problems, the more likely you can sell your software as the answer. 
  • Empathy: The connection you build with your client is what keeps their business. Understanding the troubles, they are dealing with personally will always affect how a sale is received. Work to be empathetic, as it is something clients will respond positively to. 
  • Tech savvy: How well you can show off the software functions of tech matter will always matter to clients. Working with you, they want a guide who can make complicated tech terms easy to understand. This is shown several times during the sale, like in pitches and demos. Those who understand the software deeply give clients confidence in their sales decision. 
  • Resilience: To work in sales is to be okay with setbacks. No matter the experience, every sales rep goes through slumps. It is important not to take this personally. The best notice the trend and make changes to improve. Looking at them as challenges, successful reps build a mentality of constant improvement. 

What can you earn working in Software Sales? 

Now let’s talk about what everybody is dying to know. What can you earn working in software sales? 

It is very possible to become wealthy in software sales. It was the start for industry titan’s like Mark Cuban, Larry Elison, and more. There was a lot of hard work, but the room to grow and advance in software sales is still a very real possibility. 

On average, roles in software sales earn, (not including bonuses or advancements) 90,000 euros. 

In the end… 

Software sales is an attractive career path. With the right mindset, you can stand to be a high-earning professional, distributing software that will make work life better. 

All you need is the opportunity. 

At SUNODOS, we pride ourselves on recruiting star candidates for SaaS companies. Roles in sales, marketing, and more are available to help companies go to market in the best position to succeed. If you are interested in learning how to participate or even applying for such a role, then check out our job page. Your next career might be closer (and more profitable) than you think! 


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