Helps cloud tech companies scale by recruiting top Go-To-Market talent

Are you looking for Go-To-Market talent so you can scale your cloud tech company to the next level?

SUNODOS is your strategic recruitment partner to find top Go-To-Market talent so you can focus on scaling your business.


SUNODOS recognizes unique Go-To-Market talent and helps cloud tech companies building complete sales & marketing teams while reducing risks and time to hire.

We deliver valuable benefits including:

Being a strategic advisor to reduce ramping period

Understanding language, mindset and drivers of Go-To-Market Talent

Saving time-to-hire with evaluated Go-To-Market talent

Sharing up to date competitive market intelligence

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Having an active network of Go-To-Market talent

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Our team at SUNODOS

We help ambitious cloud tech companies solving their scaling obstacles by delivering top Go-To-Market talent. Our matching process will be modified according to your speed of growth or challenging targets.

Therefore, we don’t believe in one-trick ponies and will continue challenging you to increase the standard of your Go-To-Market team the same way we challenge our growth mindset.

We follow a "Triple-A” approach based on our brand promises to repeatedly offer you our tailor-made services. Start with step 1:


Schedule an appointment


Analyze company's objectives and required candidate profile(s)


Agree on recruitment fee


Create and execute a tailor-made recruiting plan


Hire the right candidates